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Men’s Hair Loss Treatments

Men’s Hair Loss Treatments

In today’s world, having a thick head of hair is very important. People today are all about appearance, so going bald is something that men fear. Losing your hair is not only bad for your image and self esteem, though. Hair provides an important barrier on the top of your head, reducing your chance of sunburn and keeping you warmer in cold weather. There are many products for hair loss treatment, so many in fact, that it is hard to figure out which ones actually work. By doing a bit of research, you should easily be able to find a product or treatment that will work for you. There are literally dozens of men hair loss treatments.

With all of the shampoos, creams, and pills out there it is hard to know where to turn. One great recommendation is to look at the hair loss products you are thinking of purchasing. See if they have been approved by the FDA. Products like Finasteride, which reduces the amount of DHT in your body, stopping hair loss, are FDA approved. Minoxidil is also recommended by the FDA, although most of the results that are seen with this drug are only temporary. At this moment, these two drugs are the only ones the FDA is backing. It is important to note that these drugs will only prevent and stop hair loss; they will not make the hair grow back.

To get your hair back, you should consider hair replacement surgery. You must be a good candidate for surgery, meaning that you have tried everything else, have a significant amount of hair loss, have realistic expectations for the surgery, or if you have lost hair because of burns or cosmetic procedures. Surgery does not always fix everything, and you have to be prepared for that when you go in. Your hair may go into shock because of the surgery and you may come out looking worse than when you went in. This is why you need to make sure that the doctor performing your surgery actually knows what he is doing and can do the job well.

Another option for treating hair loss in men is herbal remedies. There are a few herbs that seem to work well to stop the loss of hair. These herbs include aloe, red pepper, green tea, angelica, and stinging needles. These herbs seem to work well to reduce hair loss and stimulate new growth.

Hair loss treatment can be very confusing and frustrating with all of the products that are available on the market today. For the best results, use the drugs that are recommended by the FDA, try more natural remedies, and as a last resort, consider a hair transplant.

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