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Hair Loss Treatments For Women

Hair Loss Treatments For Women

Hair loss in women can be a more traumatic experience compared to that of men. This commonly happens because baldness is a much more frequent phenomenon among men, but it is an odd event among women generally. As a result, baldness in men becomes more acceptable, where as a woman facing the same problem may receive unwanted attention, and she may feel more traumatized. There are several techniques available nowadays for hair restoration for women.

Women patients of hair loss should understand that their pattern of hair loss is quite different from that of men. Therefore, it needs treatment from a specialist who is experienced in handling hair loss treatments for women. Thinning of hair is more commonly seen in women, where as men suffer from a typical pattern of a receding hairline or patches of baldness.

Among the various treatments available for hair restoration, hair transplant is the most effective approach. An experienced hair transplant surgeon will first evaluate the characteristics of the patient’s hair, and then decide the best treatment approach for her. Common hair transplant procedures include Follicular Unit Extraction technique, Multi Unit Grafting technique and Follicular Unit Transplant. In case of Follicular Unit Transplant technique, the transplantation involves individual handling of every follicular hair unit. Multi Unit Grafting technique involves transplantation of groups of follicular units in a single graft. Follicular Unit Extraction technique is more suited for patients who seek shorter hairstyle.

Hair restoration for women is also possible in cases where the patient is reluctant to opt for hair transplant surgery. In such situations, the woman patient may like to go for hair loss medication course or laser hair treatment. In case of laser hair therapy, the hair scalp is exposed to mild levels of laser beams. This helps to rejuvenate the hair follicles due to an increased blood flow, and results in a thicker growth of hair.

In many cases, the woman patient may not prefer hair transplant or laser therapy. In milder cases of hair loss among women, it is also possible to restore the hair by taking using Minoxidil. Minoxidil is an FDA approved medication that can successfully treat mild cases of hair loss. However, the downside of this treatment is that it continues to be effective for the hair only as long as the drug course is continued. Once the patient stops the medication, chances are that the hair loss may resume as before. Rogaine is a popular product with this medication to curb hair loss among women. Some patients also report successful hair restoration with herbal and other alternative treatments.

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