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How To Buy Hair Loss Treatments

How To Buy Hair Loss Treatments

The fact is, like most other things in the medical field, hair loss prevention is much easier to do, and much cheaper, than dealing with the problem after your hair has fallen out. If you wait till you actually are bald or have completely bald spots then the hair loss treatments available are much more intense. You are much better off to deal with the problem as soon as you start the see the problem develop. If you are waking up with extra hairs on your pillow or you are plugging the show drain then it is time to find a place to buy hair loss treatments soon.

Actually, your are now in luck because it is so easy to shop online. I have found that the best medication to keep hair growing on my head is Minoxidil. This FDA approved drug is a very effect hair loss treatment for men that has been around for about a decade. You can buy a two or three month supply all at once online and then just be sure you actually use it twice a day. The recommended way to apply this product is to rub it into the scalp in the morning and at night. You apply the solution with an eye dropper and then gently massage the area to work the active ingredients into the roots of your hair.

The best product I have found for making sure I keep hair growing on my head is Rogaine. I know it works because I was developing a large bald spot on the top of my head until I started applying Minoxidil.

This has also become a very popular hair loss treatment for women. In fact it is the only hair thinning drug that has been approved for use by women by the US FDA. It took a while to get the OK for women but it finally was approved. The only difference between the solutions for men and women is the strength of the product. Men are instructed to use a 5% solution but women are only recommended to use a 2% Minoxidil solution. Many women have actually used their husbands Rogaine over the years without any bad side effects and with good results. So you can be the judge of what you want to do. But, the US Food And Drug Administration only recommends to 2% strength.

There is a hair loss prevention shampoo on the market that contains Minoxidil but it is questioned whether they actually work very well. The problem is Minoxidil takes a while to be absorbed through the scalp to the hair roots where it acts to keep the flow of nutrients healthy. If you just apply the mixture and rinse it out you are probably not going to get the desired results. It is important that the product have a long enough time to be absorbed and then migrate to the root of the problem.

The great thing about Minoxidil is that it is really one of the fairly inexpensive hair loss treatments for men. If you wait till your hair falls out then you will most likely need hair restoration surgery and this is very expensive. In fact, you can easily spend twenty or thirty thousand dollars getting hair grafts once your bald area has migrated over the entire top of the scalp and your hairline at the forehead.

If you are serious about treating your hair loss then start today to find the best product available for you.

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