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Hair Loss Shampoo Reviews

Hair Loss Shampoo Reviews

Hair loss shampoo reviews indicate that there are three basic types of hair loss shampoos. The first is designed to cause re-growth of hair while the second category includes those shampoos that make the hair to appear to be thicker. A third type of shampoo is a simple gentle shampoo that does not do any more damage to the hair in order to slow hair loss. The appropriate shampoo for you may depend on your hair type as well as where you are in the hair loss process. A careful read of the reviews will help you to understand which shampoo you should choose. A word of caution: if you have lost hair to the point that you are bald then one of the best hair restoration remedies is surgical hair replacement.

Hair loss shampoos that cause re-growth of hair often are enriched with nutrients and other compounds that encourage hair growth. One of the compounds that help to encourage hair growth is Biotin. Biotin (Vitamin B7) like most other B vitamins is water-soluble. A lack of biotin can cause severe hair loss, including the loss of hair from the head as well as the eyebrows. You should be aware that only a limited amount of Biotin is absorbed through the scalp, so such shampoos may not be as effective as you are lead to believe. Such shampoos are normally very expensive and may limited effectiveness.

Hair loss shampoos that cause the hair to appear thicker may help to cover up thinning hair. Of course, if all the hair is already gone, there is no hair left to thicken. Thicker hair shampoos can be purchased in department stores, beauty supply stores, or salons. In addition, you will find several internet sites that offer such shampoos for sale. Prices may range from what you would normally pay for shampoo in the department store to very expensive.

If you are just starting to notice hair loss, choosing a gentle shampoo may help to prevent further damage to the hair, which could speed the loss of hair. One common ingredient in most shampoos is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. This very harsh chemical may increase the damage to the hair and can speed hair loss. Be sure that you avoid this compound in the shampoo unless there is a very good reason for it to be in what you put on your hair. For some people, baby shampoo may offer the gentle cleansing that is needed to preserve the hair.

One school of thought is that you should not use any shampoo on thinning hair. It should be washed in plain warm water and then rinsed in cold water. The switch from warm to cold helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which brings nutrients to the hair follicles and encourages growth of hair.

In addition to shampoos, you will find many other products that can help with hair loss. Some of the products are found to be effective, while others are simply just a waste of money. Consumers should take time to read these reviews in addition to Hair Loss Shampoo Reviews in order to know which products are most effective.

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