Hair Implants

Hair Implants Questions Answered

Hair Implants Questions Answered

There seems to be a lot of confusion about hair implants and what they are. I get questions about several subjects that relate to hair loss and hair growth but the ones that I get the most about are directed to the facts about hair implants and hair transplants. So lets see if we can answer some questions for people.

Do Hair Implants Grow-Yes they do.

A hair implant procedure actually removes hair from one area of the scalp and implants it in the bald area. Within a few weeks the hair roots will start to connect to the blood supply of the scalp and the process of preparing for more hair growth will begin.

Do Hair Implants Come From A Donor

The only method of hair implantation that has been effectively used is to have the patient be both the donor and the recipient. This means the hair follicles are first removed from the patient’s scalp and then transplanted to the bald area. Hair follicles have problems with rejection just like other body parts that are transplanted from one person to another.

Are There Hair Implants For Women

Yes there are. Historically, men were the only ones to get this procedure done but that is changing as more and more women require a way to grow hair in a balding spot instead of just covering it up with a wig. Women tend to have thinning hair over their entire scalp which causes more difficulty than men but the procedure does work.

Do I Have To Go To A Hospital

Most cosmetic surgeons who do the hair implantation procedure perform it in their office or clinic. Depending on the area of the bald spot to be treated, the process is usually done in one or two afternoons. A follow up procedure may be required in a year to fill in any areas that need further assistance.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Implants

There is a wide variation in the cost of hair implants depending on several factors including geographic location, the clinic, the area to be treated, and the structure of the patient’s hair. You can assume to pay three to seven dollars per implant unit with several hundred to a few thousand being needed for most patients.

Are There Artificial Hair Implants

Artificial hair implants are no longer offered in the US due to problems with infection. The skin barrier where a foreign object enters the body is very difficult to keep integral. Artificial implants were offered for a while but they just caused too many problems. They are still available in some European countries and there is a big business in this type of implant in India.

Can Hair From Other Parts Of The Body Be Implanted

It used to be that a thick area of hair growth was needed in order to harvest the proper number of hair follicles. Now this has changed since the Follicular Unit Extraction method has been employed. With this procedure individual hairs can be extracted from any where on the body and placed into the bald area. This method is very effective for women with thinning hair.

I hope this has answered some of your questions regarding hair implants and what the procedure entails. If you have any more questions leave them in the comment section and I will do another answer period again.

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