Hair Implants

Hair Plugs Explained

Hair Plugs Explained

I am sure you have heard the term hair plugs but do you know what it means? The term originated in the 1950’s when surgeon’s first started to transplant hair in order to treat male pattern baldness. This was not the first time this method of hair restoration had been tried though. During the 1930’s there were several doctors in Japan who were experimenting with transplanting hair for eyebrows, eyelashes, and facial hair. They made great strides but most of the research was lost during the War because of allied bombing. It wasn’t until ten years after the end of the war that the procedures were again attempted.

The term hair plug comes from the results of the original surgeries. Remember, at this time there was no micro surgery like there is today. Hair plug surgery at that time involves removing sections of scalp and hair and then inserting them into slices in the balding scalp. This gave the appearance of hair that had been plugged into the head like you see on a cheap doll. Thus the term hair transplant plugs or hair plugs was coined because of how the results looked.

Things have really changed since these original attempts at hair transplantation. Now, with the use of micro-surgical techniques the results are much better. It is now possible to remove and insert individual hair follicle groups. Hair tends to grow in clumps of from one to three follicles with attached shafts. For the most natural look this clumping must be maintained. The answer to the question of do hair plugs work is now a resounding yes.

A good surgeon will insert the hairs in such a way that they are unnoticeable from the natural occurring hair around the bald spot. The doctor will layer the hair and orientate it to match how the hairs that are adjacent to the treatment lay. This placing, along with the fact that the hair belongs to the patient so it matches the other hair perfectly, gives a result that is almost unnoticeable except under close inspection. With the follicular unit extraction method there is not even any scaring due to the removal of the hair before it is transplanted.

The only draw back is the cost of hair plugs. This is not a cheap procedure but if you compare it to years of buying expensive drugs it does make financial sense. Also, you do not have to worry about these hair plugs once they are implanted into the scalp. Within a few weeks they attach to the surrounding blood supply and within a few months they are producing hair shaft material again. But the price of hair plugs does deter some people from having the procedure.

In general you will pay between three and seven dollars per hair follicular unit. This isn’t too bad but it usually requires from several hundred to a few thousand individual hair plugs to get a good result. It is easy to spend a few thousand dollars on a small area and people with massive hair loss have been known bite the bullet on the hair plugs cost and spend almost thirty thousand dollars for a procedure.

If you have lost your hair then hair plugs or hair implantation is the most effective treatment to get your hair back. In fact, if you have been bald for very long it is the only method that shows consistent results.

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