Hair Implants

Hair Implant Facts

Hair Implant Facts

I got asked the other day why someone would have hair implant surgery when all they have to do is apply some kind of lotion to their scalp and the hair will grow back. Well this person had obviously done more reading of advertisements than of hair implant information. The fact is, once a man has developed bald spots he is not going to get hair growing on the spot again by applying any kind of lotion or cream. I think the person who asked this question had confused hair thinning with hair loss. They are two different problems and need to be treated differently.

The majority of men who have issues with hair loss have male pattern baldness. This is a genetic condition that presupposes some hair follicles to bond with a derivative of the male hormone testosterone. The derivative is dihydrotestosterone which is usually referred to as DHT. It is usually the hair follicles at the hair line, top of the head, and crown that are most effected by this problem. A distinctive pattern is developed which is where the term pattern baldness comes from.

This is not an overnight occurrence and the loss of hair can be slowed down by application of certain substances including Minoxidil which has been proven by the FDA to help limit hair loss. Minoxidil actually shields the hair follicles from the DHT so they can continue to produce hair shaft material. So, if you start to lose your hair you can drastically slow down the process by applying Minoxidil twice a day. But if the hair follicle has already been attacked and is not functioning then this drug will not reverse the process.

If the follicles are no longer functioning the only thing you can do is transplant healthy hair follicles into the bald area. When doing hair implants for men the cosmetic surgeon will usually remove hair from the posterior area of the head, pattern baldness does not affect this area, and then implant those follicles into the balding area. This is a very effective method of re-growing hair once the original follicles have stopped functioning.

This hair loss treatment was actually first experimented with in Japan before World War II. It was started with eyebrow hair implant and facial hair implant surgeries and was not used much for hair on top the hair. Most of the research data was lost during the war and it wasn’t until the 1950’s that it was again attempted, this time in the US. The results of these early hair transplant procedures were not really very satisfactory.

The implants ended up looking like islands of hair sticking up every which way from the scalp. It looked like a cheap doll’s head with hair plugged into the scalp thus the nickname hair plugs which is still in use today.

Hair implant procedures have become very popular for men as the techniques have been improved upon. When trying to employ hair implants for women there are special concerns that must be addressed. First, women tend to exhibit thinning hair over their entire head so they don’t have as good a donor area as men. This makes finding hair follicles from the scalp to transplant much harder. Second, the thinning hair as opposed to patches of hair loss make it harder to fill in with transplanted follicles. One solution to this is follicular unit extraction which allows for transplantation of body hair to the head. This hair is courser than scalp hair but it does work well as a filler.

The hair implant cost is not cheap, usually costing from a few thousand dollars to over twenty thousand but it can be well worth it if a person is feeling stress from the hair loss. Synthetic hair implants were tried as a way to reduce the cost but there were too many problems with infections so they are now banned in the US.

Hair implants are a great men’s hair replacement option that have helped thousands of men to get their youthful appearance back again. If you are concerned about your hair loss or balding them look into this procedure today.

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