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Hairisol Pricing Information

Hairisol Pricing Information

Hairisol is promoted as a Hair Growth Treatment for Men. The sales literature indicates it has Minoxidil as its active ingredient. Minoxidil is a FDA approved drug for the treatment of hair loss in men. It is actually effective for women also, and seems quite safe, but it has not been approved for that application yet. Minoxidil actually helps protect the hair follicles allowing them to continue to function.

When a man loses his hair, in 95% of the cases any way, he is suffering from male pattern baldness. This genetic condition causes some hair follicles to be susceptible to bonding by the hormone metabolite DHT or dihydrotestosterone. The DHT bonds at receptors on the follicle and slowly cause them to stop functioning. The Minoxidil inhibits the DHT from bonding with the receptor thus allowing the hair to continue to grow.

Having Minoxidil in a hair growth product is very beneficial. Most products contain 5% Minoxidil but the sales literature for hairisol does not specify what the strength is. There are no other mentions of ingredients on the website.

Hairsol Pricing

Hairsol normally sells for $119.93 for a lifetime supply according to their web site currently. You can get a free trial for just the shipping and handling cost and then get another 30 day supply for life by just paying shipping and handling each time. The price for shipping and handling is “Undefined” according to their web site. This means you are entering into an agreement which you don’t know the cost of.

The way it works is you purchase a 30 day supply for no charge except for the elusive shipping and handling charge. Then every 30 days you can order another supply and again just pay shipping and handling. They claim to not do auto-shipping but you never know for sure.

You can go to hairisol review and find out more about the information we have been able to obtain about this product

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