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What Are the Best Vitamins for Hair Growth?

What Are the Best Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Are you curious about natural methods for promoting thick and healthy hair? Are you concerned about hair loss or losing the vibrancy your hair once had? If so, read on. In this article we’ll discuss one of the best, and most natural ways of promoting hair growth – vitamins. You’ll learn which are the best vitamins for hair growth and what each of these vitamins can do to improve your body’s ability to grow thick and healthy hair. By the end of this article you’ll have a list of vitamins you can purchase the next time you’re out and about, and you’ll feel confident that the vitamins you select will be the best at promoting hair growth.

B Vitamins

Probably the most important family of vitamins when it comes to hair growth are the B vitamins. Did you know that stress is one of the causes for certain types of hair loss? Vitamin B has been shown to help deal with stress. Additionally, several members of the B vitamin family such as Niacin and Biotin can help improve blood flow and circulation to the scalp. The more blood flow you have, the more nutrients are delivered right to the hair follicle.

Vitamin C

You probably are aware of many of the benefits of vitamin C, but it may surprise you that it helps with hair loss. Vitamin C is one of the great natural vitamins for hair growth because it is a tremendous anti-oxidant. So feel good about having a glass of orange juice each morning, not only will you be helping your immune system, but you will be doing your hair a favor too.

Vitamin A

Make sure that your daily vitamin contains vitamin A. It’s a great vitamin for hair growth because it helps to lubricate the hair follicle. Vitamin A does build up in the body though so be sure to only take the recommended daily dose – no need to overdo it.

Vitamins For Hair Growth

Anyone suffering from hair loss knows what a debilitating feeling it can be. Most of us have a great deal of our self esteem tied to our appearance. The good thing is that there are healthy and natural ways to improve your hair growth. All of the supplements we discussed above are vitamins for fast hair growth as well as hair regeneration. Your body will be able to produce hair more quickly with the proper vitamins and minerals. With the information in this article you should be well on your way to knowing which vitamins can help you with your hair growth goals.

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