Hair Growth

Best Hair Growth Products

Best Hair Growth Products

Before looking for hair regrowth products you need to determine the cause of your problem. In 95% of hair loss cases the levels of DHT in the body (a component of testosterone) is the main cause. For women the reason may also be a severe diet, birth control bills, thyroid problems, chemotherapy, birth or even dying, bleaching and straitening the hair. But for the majority of both men and women DHT is the culprit.

Many hair regrowth products have proven to be effective and some have not. These products have had good reviews:

HairGenesis New Improved Formula, which is available through UNICO Enterprises. This is one of the best hair growth products, being an efficient product that helps the growth of the hair.
Dermal Heal Hair Regrowth Serum that contains natural ingredients which also prevents hair loss.

Dermal Heal Hair Regrowth Shampoo that cleanses the scalp and also provides it the nutrients needed for growth. It contains natural ingredients, patented peptides and also vitamins.
Nanogen OneScalp is a shampoo that is said to be an all-in-one treatment that fights dandruff, balances the sebum levels and helps the growth of the hair.

Mirage Hair Building Fibres, has an unique complex of Keratin protein that helps the hair increase in density and volume. This is manufactured in Canada and it is completely safe to use.
Viviscal hair regrowth formula which is for both men and women and it is said that are the best selling hair growth vitamins.

Procerin for men, which contains a natural substance that blocks the DHT.

There are many hair growth products on the internet and in drugstores but you should always be careful of scams. The best way to spot a hair loss scam is to know what the causes of hair loss are. Like previously stated, in 95% of the cases the reason for a person’s hair loss is a genetic condition. This condition is known as Male Pattern Baldness or, for women, Female Pattern baldness. It causes the hair follicles to allow DHT to bond with them and slow the growth of hair.

There are some products that block the effect of this derivative of the male hormone without stopping the healthy benefits of testosterone. A good example is Procerin for men, a hair growth product that contains a natural substance which is specially formulated to block the DHT.

Other examples of good hair growth products are ones that contain the FDA approved drugs Minoxidil or Finasteride. The first drug can be found in Rogaine. You have the choice of Rogaine regular, Rogaine extra strength and Rogaine for women. These are topical solutions that are applied twice a day. The Minoxidil actually works to counteract the effect of the DHT on hair follicles.

Finasteride works to limit the amount of DHT that is produced in the body. The most popular product that contains this drug is Propecia. Propecia works great for men but women are not allowed to take it because of the potential for birth defects. This drug is taken in tablet form and helps about 80% of the men who are prescribed it.

Finding the best hair growth products for your hair may take a lot of searching on the internet but you when you finally find the right one that works you will say that it was worth the time and effort.

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