The Cure For Baldness

The Cure For Baldness

Two questions get asked a lot when people are wondering about hair loss. These questions are:

  1. Will there ever be a cure for baldness
  2. When will there be a cure for baldness

There are actually ways to treat hair loss now that are quite effective at helping a person to keep his or her hair much longer than would have been possible in the past. The FDA approved drug Finasteride is very effective at slowing down or halting the hair loss when it is caused by Male Pattern Baldness. It actually attacks the root of the problem which is high levels of the hormonal metabolite DHT. DHT is responsible for shutting down the production of hair at the hair follicles and if it can be limited then the hair will continue to grow. There are two problems with this potential cure for balding. First, it is only to be used by men because of the possibility of birth defects, and it does not do much to help hair start to re-grow once the follicles have been attacked and are shut down.

This problem with re-energizing hair follicles that have stop production is really the crux for any cures for baldness. We can slow down the speed with which a person loses the hair, as long as the treatment starts early enough, but we can’t make the hair follicles start working again.

Another drug that is approved by the FDA is called Minoxidil. This one is applied to the scalp and actually will inhibit the DHT molecules from bonding with the hair follicles and thus stopping hair production. It is safe for women but it really is only effective about half the time and it seems to be effective when the balding is on the top and crown of the head. And again, it will not re-grow the hair once it has fallen out of the scalp.

Both of these drugs will actually get a few hairs growing again that haven’t been dormant for long but you are not going to see great results. The cure for male pattern baldness once the hair falls out does not seem to be either one of these drugs.

Once you are actually bald or have bald spots the most effective, and sometimes only effective, way to get hair growing in that spot is to transplant hair follicles from another area of the head. Usually, when a man suffers from male pattern baldness there is still good hair growth at the posterior area of the head and these hairs can be removed and implanted in the balding area. These hair follicles will then grow for years to come and give you a very nice head of hair. If you have already lost your hair then contact a Hair Implant doctor today and see what they can do.

The search for a natural cure for baldness has been going on for thousands of years. Even the ancient Egyptians had baldness cures they tried to revitalize the hair follicles. We can help keep hair from falling out with modern medicine but once it is gone the only alternative is to have new hair implanted into the bald area.

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